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How do I access the API documentation?

This knowledge base article will guide you through the process of accessing these resources and understanding their significance in working with our APIs.

Here are the links for reference:

Accessing Resources during Portal Signup

During the Portal signup process, you will be prompted to generate API keys. Once you have generated these keys, you will be provided with the links mentioned above to download the OpenAPI 3.0 Schema and access our online API documentation.

OpenAPI 3.0Schema and API documentation for Crypto on-offramp API

Listed on the Dashboard

Upon successful login, you will be directed to the Partner Portal home page, which contains links to all of our developer resources:
Cybrid API Portal - Crypto On and Offramp API

By accessing the OpenAPI 3.0 Schema and our Online API Documentation during the Portal signup process, you'll have all the necessary resources to begin working with our APIs efficiently. Utilize these resources to understand the API structure, generate client code, and test API requests and responses to ensure a smooth integration with your application.