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What is the Cybrid Smart Order Router?

What is the Smart Order Router and how does it work?

Cybrid's Platform aggregate multiple liquidity providers in a number of different geographies, providing on-ramp liquidity in a variety of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

In order to provide the best price at any given time, Cybrid maintains real-time price feeds from all of our liquidity providers. When our API is called to generate a quote for a specific currency, we select the best price across all of the liquidity providers in our platform.

If the quote is executed, Cybrid intelligently routes the order to the liquidity provider who provided the best price. This helps ensure that Cybrid gets the absolute best price available when end-customers are buying or selling cryptocurrencies.

Cybrid's Smart Order Router intelligent price feed

Figure 1. Cybrid's Smart Order Router intelligence price feed