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How do I work with Cybrid and Plaid?

Learn about the different ways to work with Plaid

What is Plaid?

Plaid provides a hassle-free experience for customers to effortlessly link their bank accounts to financial institutions. They have taken care of the complex integration process with multiple banks in North America, allowing users to access a range of convenient features:

  • Bank Account Information (PII)
  • Balance Checking
  • Debits / Credits

How does Cybrid use Plaid?

Cybrid has integrated Plaid into our embedded experience to simplify customer onboarding and bank account connection. In the basic use case, our Partners can leverage Cybrid's Plaid integration to easily enable their end-customers to connect their bank accounts and deposit or withdraw fiat currency on the Cybrid Platform.

What are the options for using Plaid with Cybrid?

There are a few different ways that you can work with Plaid to connect customer bank accounts and drive deposits and withdraws on the platform:

Method Plaid Account / Branding Description
Use Cybrid's UI SDK integration Cybrid In this method you leverage the embedded Plaid experience in our UI SDK. This is by far the easiest way to drive Plaid bank account connection, however it offers the least control of the experience.
Use Cyrbid's API to drive Plaid Link Cybrid In this method you initiate the Plaid process via our /api/workflows endpoint, but then drive the process with the Plaid Link SDK. This gives you more control over the  user experience and integration at the app level.
Use your own Plaid Integration Partner In this method, the Partner owns the Plaid account and will drive the entire experience. After a customer has connected their bank account via Plaid, you will pass the Plaid Processor Token to Cybrid which will enable us to trigger money movement on behalf of the customer. This offers the most flexibility, but comes at a higher cost as you need to pay for your own Plaid integration.
Follow the above links to learn more about these options.