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How do I use Cybrid's Plaid UI SDK?

This article explains how to use the Cybrid SDK to drive the Plaid Bank Account connection experience.

Below you'll find high-level steps to drive Plaid bank account connection.

For full details please reference our GitHub Web Library repo.

General high-level steps:

  • Npm install our web library
  • Include our javascript module(s) in your html file
  • Add authentication and configuration
    • Authentication token must be a customer token
    • Include the appropriate customer guid, and make sure they have a fiat account created
  • Reference Cybrid component bank-account-connect to instantiate the Plaid flow
  • Implement event handling and error detection
    • You may want to listen to the following events
      • Any component errors (See GitHub repo)
      • PLAID_SDK_EXIT, which is returned when the Plaid SDK exits
      • Note: Plaid SDK errors will be returned as a DATA_ERROR code, with the Plaid error in the 'data' property

Tips & Best Practices

  • If the SDK will be used in a mobile browser (as opposed to only on desktop) you must register a Plaid Redirect URI with Cybrid. This ensures that non-popup Plaid SDK flows will return to the proper location in the mobile web experience.