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How do I run the Demo App?

Now that we've got the repo and dependencies installed, and the environment configured, we can fire up the app.

In order to run the demo web SDK, you’ll need to disable CORS. The easiest way to do this is to run a new instance of Chrome with security disabled. This can be completed by running the following command (on Mac OS):

open -n -a /Applications/Google\ Chrome.app/Contents/MacOS/Google\ Chrome --args --user-data-dir="/tmp/chrome_dev_test" --disable-web-security
For Windows, create a new Chrome shortcut on your desktop. Open the properties of the shortcut, and add the following to the target field after your existing path:
--disable-web-security --user-data-dir="C:/ChromeDevSession"

Next, simply run
npm start to build and run the instance. Wait until you see the Compiled Successfully message, then in the new Chrome instance enter the path http://localhost:4200. If everything went well, you should see something similar to this in your browser:

The application exercises the following web components in both English and French:

  • price-list
  • trade
  • accounts-list
  • account-history

You can also toggle between light and dark modes via the icon in the top right:

With the demo app running successfully, you can test out the following:

  • Viewing real-time prices of crypto assets
  • Viewing the account list of the customer
  • Buying or selling cryptocurrency (simulated)
  • Viewing the transaction history of a specific account