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How do I drive Plaid Connect programmatically?

If you are implementing the Plaid Link SDK on your own, instead of using Cybrid's SDK, follow these instructions.

As an alternative to driving the external bank connect process via Cybrid's UI SDK, you can choose to programmatically drive the process through our APIs and your own implementation of the client-side Plaid Link SDK. This approach provides greater flexibility and customization options for your integration with Cybrid's Platform.

In order to programmatically drive this process, you'll need to directly interface with our /workflows and /external_bank_accounts APIs. An external bank account represents a Plaid connected bank account that an end-user can leverage to fund their fiat account on the Cybrid Platform.

The Process

Here is the step-by-step process for programmatically driving the external bank connect process with Cybrid's APIs and the Plaid Link SDK:

1. Create a new workflow:

Initiate a new workflow of the "link_token_create" kind via the /workflows POST API. Specify the "link_customization_name" as "default". Capture the workflow GUID in the response for future use.

2. Retrieve the workflow details:

Query the workflow by using the /workflows/{guid} GET API with the GUID capture from the POST call to return the full details of the "link_token_create" request. Capture the "plaid_link_token" from the response.

3. Initialize Plaid Link SDK:

Use the "plaid_link_token" to initialize the Plaid Link SDK for connecting an external bank account. This allows your end-users to connect their bank accounts to the Cybrid Platform securely.

4. Collect account information and public link token:

Upon a successful connection in the Plaid Link SDK, you'll receive a success callback where you will need to collect the plaid_public_token and plaid_account_id. Collect these details for the next step.

5. Create a new external bank account:

Use the /external_bank_accounts POST API to create a new external bank account using the plaid_public_token and plaid_account_id collected from the previous step. Since you are using Cybrid's Plaid integration, you do not provide the plaid_processor_token, plaid_institution_id, plaid_account_name or plaid_account_mask.

6. Proceed with account funding:

With the external bank account successfully connected, you can now initiate a funding transfer by using the /transfers POST API.


By following this process, you can effectively drive the external bank connect process programmatically using Cybrid's APIs and your own implementation of the Plaid Link SDK.