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How do I create an account for the customer?

For each cryptocurrency a customer trades in, they will need an account. For example, to execute trades for both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), you’ll need to create a BTC account and an ETH account for the customer.

Head on over to the /api/accounts POST call, expand it, and click Try it out. You’ll see a JSON request body that we need to fill in with the customer GUID, the asset type, and a friendly name for the account.

If you want to see a list of which assets are supported, execute the /api/assets GET call.

Go ahead and enter your customer GUID, enter an asset, such as BTC, and give the account a name. If successful, you should receive a 201 response, with the new account details, similar to below:

"type": "trading",
"guid": "your_account_guid",
"created_at": "2022-05-11T16:55:55.775Z",
"asset": "BTC",
"name": "Bitcoin Account",
"bank_guid": "your_bank_guid",
"customer_guid": "your_customer_guid",
"platform_balance": 0,
"platform_available": 0,
"state": "current_state"

Note that accounts have a state property, that will be storing after the account creation call, and created once the account is fully provisioned. In the sandbox environment the provisioning is instantaneous; however, in the production environment there are additional provisioning steps which may add a short delay between the storing and created states. When planning production integrations, be sure to engineer for these two possible states.

With a BTC account now created, and attached to the customer, we are prepared to generate a quote and execute a trade.