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General and Technical FAQs


Q:  Is permanent residence in the US or Canada required for Cybrid KYC?

A:  Yes, permanent residence in the US or Canada is required for Cybrid KYC.


Q: What are the allowable countries for government ID in the Cybrid KYC?

A: The allowable countries for government ID in the Cybrid KYC are US and Canada.


Q: Which forms of government ID are accepted for Cybrid KYC?

A: The following are the forms of goverment ID that are accepted for Cybrid KYC:

  • Passport

  • Passport card

  • Drivers license

  • State ID

  • Permanent resident card

  • Visa

  • Work permit


Q: Is the Cybrid Platform affected by bank holidays?

A: Yes, all US and Canadian bank holidays affect the Cybrid Platform. Every time there is a holiday, there will be an additional business day for all settlements.


Q: What is the minimum age of a parter end-user for KYC/identification verification purposes?

A: The minimum age of partner end-users is 18 years old.


Q: What is the TTL for access tokens?

A: The TTL for access tokens is 30 minutes in the production environment and 8 hours in the sandbox environment.


Q: What does the transfer failure code refresh_required indicate?

A: The transfer failure code refresh_required means that the Plaid connected bank account must be reconnected by the end user.


Q: What is the difference between account platform_balance and platform_available?

A: The difference between account platform_balance and platform_available is that the platform_available is the balance that has already settled whereas platform_balance includes pending transfers not yet settled.


Q: What does the reviewing transfer state indicate?

A: The reviewing transfer state may occur after the pending transfer state and indicates that the transfer requires compliance review. After the reviewing state, the transfer state will progress to either complete or failed.


Q: Why don’t I provide a network when creating an external wallet?

A: The network is inherent in the asset that is specified when creating an external wallet, so when specifying the asset for quotes/external withdrawals the network is predetermined.


Q: Does the Cybrid Platform allow repeat identity verifications?

A: Yes, the Cybrid Platform allows repeat identity verifications as long as the same customer account is used. If a new customer account were created for the same individual and a new identity verification were performed, the identity verification would be flagged as a repeat and auto-denied.